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Tool for create list fields based on a text file definition easier than the XML Schema of Sharepoint, supporting Text, Choice, MultiChoice, DateTime, Boolean, MultiLine, User, UserMulti, Integer, Numeric with Decimals. I have used this tool for create and replicate a very large list across different environments using just web services as well as for enable my team partners to edit the list definition under a versioned text file.

Very special thanks to Amir Teimoortagh which has developed a lot of enhancement to the application, Also... he has sent us a couple of sample files for your happyness, so once again, I can't tell you something else that thank you!!! for your time and help.

Here is a little sample about the configuration schema for the tool, please download the sample files provided by Amir Teimoortagh these files will bring you more understanding about the new capabilities of the tool. I hope to be very clear and help you to improve your lists definition process.


This is a sample choice with radio look and feel
SampleField1,Choice|<Field><Type choiceType="radio">Choice</Type><CHOICES><CHOICE>Yes</CHOICE><CHOICE>No</CHOICE></CHOICES></Field>

This is a sample choice with multi selection AKA checkbox style
SampleField2,Choice|<Field><Type choiceType="multi">Choice</Type><CHOICES><CHOICE>All Countries</CHOICE></CHOICES></Field>

This is a sample Integer field

This is a sample Text field with no max legth definition

This is a sample User field

This is a sample Choice field with dropdown look and feel
SampleField6,Choice|<Field><Type>Choice</Type><CHOICES><CHOICE>Working Document</CHOICE><CHOICE>Final Document</CHOICE></CHOICES></Field>

This is a sample Multi USer field AKA People And Groups

This is a sample DateTime field

This is a sample text field with Max Length definition.
SampleField9,Text|<Field><Type MaxLength="100">Text</Type></Field>

This is a sample Yes/No field

Please if you are using the tool and you detect some bug or enhancement please let me know at:

Best regards.

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